Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra
Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra

Anatolian Art Classes in Canberra

Coombs Community Centre📍
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Experience the Magic of Anatolian Art at Our Canberra Pop-up

Picture yourself embarking on an enchanting artistic adventure, right here Canberra. Our Anatolian Art Classes are not just workshops; they are gateways to unlocking your inner artist and embracing the rich heritage of Anatolian creativity.

Whether you're a novice eager to explore the world of art or a seasoned artist refining your craft, our dedicated instructors are here to nurture your talents. We offer a blend of traditional mosaic lamp making and ceramic painting, infused with the spirit of Anatolia.

🌟 Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop: Assemble mosaic pieces to craft your very own lamp, bringing a unique piece of art into your home.

🎨 Ceramic Painting Workshop: Freely apply your dream patterns and colors onto ceramics, creating your personal masterpiece.

Ready to Elevate Your Skills? Enroll Now at We Are Art Masterclass!

Join us and discover the joy of forging lifelong friendships with fellow art enthusiasts. 

No prior artistic expertise is necessary—just bring your enthusiasm and curiosity, and we'll take care of the rest. Every workshop is a canvas for your creativity, infused with the essence of Anatolia.

Immerse yourself in the art of Anatolia, where centuries-old techniques blend seamlessly with contemporary innovation. Our skilled instructors will unveil the hidden secrets passed down through generations, connecting the past with the present.

Anatolian Art Classes Book Online in Canberra

Art Masterclass coming to Canberra on 9-10 December! Join us for this unique experience and paint your Ceramic Bowl or create your Mosaic Lamp in 2,5 hours!

📅Date: 2-3 December
Sessions: 9am, 1pm, 5pm (Each session lasts 2.5 hours)
📍 Address:  Coombs Community centre 110 Woodberry Avenue combs ACT 2611
☎️Phone: 0483 955 983
Booking Policy
Bookings close 1 day before the session starts.
A full refund before 7 days to the class
%50 refund before 2 days to the class
Reschedule or Getting a homekit at anytime
Tel: 0459902606

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Unveil the Rich Tapestry of Authentic Anatolian Art
Anatolian Art Classes

Welcome to a world where the enchanting allure of Anatolian art and tradition merges with your creative spirit.

Our "Anatolian Art Classes" offer a unique and immersive experience that celebrates the intricate beauty of Anatolian culture and craftsmanship, all within the welcoming embrace of your city.

Illuminate Your Creativity 🪄
Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop

Step into the world of luminescent wonder with Australia's first Mosaic Lamp Making Workshop. Over the course of 2.5 captivating hours, you'll journey into the mesmerizing realm of Turkish mosaic art.

Choose your lamp, a blank canvas of light, and let your artistic brilliance shine. Under the expert guidance of our passionate instructors, you will craft your very own Mosaic Lamp, a radiant fusion of ancient tradition and contemporary creativity.

Paint the Colors of Anatolia 🎨
Ceramic Painting Workshop

Our Ceramic Painting Workshop transports you to the heart of Anatolian ceramic tradition. In this 2.5-hour beginner class, you'll embark on a voyage through time, painting traditional ceramic bowls. These age-old techniques, harkening back to the 8th century, unfold in a seamless and joyous process.

Here's the beauty of it: no prior artistic skill is required. We provide all the necessary materials, including pre-glazed bowls, vibrant colorings, and a palette of painting tools. Your finished masterpiece, a true work of art, is yours to cherish and take home—a piece of Anatolia's soul in your hands.

Gather Your Friends
Share the Joy

Create lasting memories with friends and family as you delve into the captivating world of this incredible artform.

Join us and embark on an enjoyable journey together, exploring the wonders of mosaic art at its finest.

Join Us for a Truly Unique Experience!
Awaken Your Inner Artist

"Anatolian Art Classes" is more than just a workshop; it's a portal to an authentic Anatolian experience. Immerse yourself in a fusion of tradition and modernity in two unforgettable workshops that will ignite your creativity and immerse you in the enchanting world of Anatolia.

Embark on this artistic adventure and celebrate the legacy of Anatolian artistry with us. Reserve your spot today and uncover the enchanting magic of Anatolia right in your city. Your artistic journey awaits.

Turkish Delights and Tea Service ☕️
Exclusive Offer

As a harmonious companion to your artistic exploration, both workshops include an indulgent Turkish tea service. Sip on aromatic tea as you savor the flavors of Anatolia.

Delight in delectable treats and the sweet embrace of homemade Turkish delight. It's a delightful fusion of culture and creativity, bringing the heart of Anatolia to your palate.

Unique decoration for your home
Keep Your Individual Work of Art

Proudly carry home your stunning work of art and make sure to showcase your one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a prominent spot in your home, highlighting your creativity to others.