An arts and crafts class with us for your children over the age of 7 will enhance their imagination and creative thinking while allowing them to get their hands dirty and working. Through our arts and crafts classes which are structured appropriately to specific age groups kid will be able to design and play around with the colours and shapes, create their own lamps by gluing the tiles onto the glass and finally take their masterpieces home. 

Classes are 2.5 hours long and all the materials are provided by us. If you want to hold these classes in a work space other than our studio we can arrange a mobile class on request. 

What makes our classes suitable for kids?

We teach the kids how to use the craft tools appropriately and guide them through their creative decision making process while letting them to be their true self and independent. Arts and crafts are very important tools of expression in regards of strengthening crucial fine motor skills, developing patience and finding their own ways of communicating their emotions and thoughts.

We highly urge parents to encourage their kids towards the activities where they will be using their creativity.  We will be more than happy to help your little ones!