Our Upcoming Events and Projects

After our adventurous journey with our mosaic lamp making classes around Australia, we thought it was time to add some new projects and workshop opportunities into the Art Masterclass brand. Check out our upcoming projects, workshops, and events below!

Coming soon...
We are coming to Melbourne!

Our permanent workshop in Melbourne opens in February! After all the love we received for our workshops, we thought it was time to settle in Melbourne.

Since we are opening our first permanent workshop in Melbourne, we thought "why not celebrate this"? As a thank you for all the support we have received, we want to offer everyone who subscribes to our emailing list a chance to win a free workshop session once we open up in Melbourne! You can find the button to subscribe on the left of your screen named "GIVEAWAY".

Coming Soon...
Turkish Coffee Workshop

Ever wondered the mysterious and rich culture behind Turkish coffee that has been passed down from generation to generation? Well you are in luck, because Turkish Coffee Workshops are coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Coming Soon...
Bowl Painting Workshop

After Mosaic lamp making, we thought it was time to add another well recognised Turkish artform into our workshops; bowl painting. Instead of buying a ready made one, you'll be able to make your own!