5 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Room

5 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Room

Walls are like blank canvases you have, to personalize a space in your own way. You can cover the walls of your living space, bedroom, office or any other places you can think of with wall art and have a brand new view thanks to these wall decor ideas. If you're in the search for brand new wall decor ideas or wondering how to put your own art on your walls, keep reading!

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5 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Room

Curate a Gallery Wall

Among the most trendy wall decor ideas, gallery walls always take the first place. You can add a great personal touch to your room by arranging a gallery wall in your living room or working room. While arranging your gallery wall, which is also one of the modern wall decor ideas, you can try different designs to reflect your personal style on the wall:

  • You can organize your gallery wall like a memory album and equip it with the memories that are important to you.
  • Especially if you are thinking about living room wall decor ideas, extending the gallery wall to the ceiling can be a good design suggestion. In this way, you will make your living room look wider and more modern, and you will have more space to display the images you want.
  • You can use abstract works of art, drawings and paintings on your gallery wall, and by integrating these independent works with each other, you can create a whole and a wonderful view.
  • You can use your gallery wall to organize and display the photos you took. You can get a great view by grouping these photos and making various combinations.
  • It is also possible to create concept gallery walls with different landscape photos and paintings. You can define a theme or concept to work with, collect appropriate photos and paintings, and create a fascinating collection on your gallery wall.
Design Mirrored Walls

    Design Mirrored Walls

    Reflection is said to be one of the main veins of art. If you believe this, you may be excited to learn that mirrors can play an important role in wall decor ideas. If you are intrigued by this type of wall decoration ideas, you need to determine which type of mirrors you want to work with. You can cover one or more of your walls with large and one-piece mirrors. Or, instead, you can use small independent mirrors at different points in your room and design the space between the mirrors on the walls. 

    At the same time, mirrors are the prominent options among bedroom wall decor ideas. It may surprise you to realize how romantic you can add to a bedroom with mirrors of different sizes and designs. So go on a discovery about mirrors, look for different mirrors with different designs and forms of reflection, and equip your walls with reflections.

    Try Adding Shelves to Your Wall

    Try Adding Shelves to Your Wall

    Undoubtedly, the most ergonomic and functional of the wall decor ideas is to cover your wall with shelves. The good thing about shelves is that they can be used in any interior, from the restroom to the dining room, from the bedroom to the office, and they are always useful. Here are a few little tips to inspire you to design your shelves:

    • By hanging bookshelves on your wall, you can fill your empty wall with beautiful and valuable volumes and add a sophisticated atmosphere to your room. Wall-mounted bookshelves allow you to save space and add the classic elegance of books to your landscape.
    • You can use your shelves to display small sculptures, trinkets and similar souvenirs.
    • If you are designing for a living room or dining room, you can use the wall shelves to hold food items such as plates and glasses.
    • Wall shelves can also be a suitable space to place your potted plants. Who wouldn't enjoy looking at a small green greenhouse on the wall?

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    Try The Hanging Wall Art Ideas

    One of the wall decor ideas is to explore a variety of wall art and ornaments that you can hang on the wall. In fact, there are so many different artworks that you can display on your wall and it is certainly impossible to list all of these ideas briefly, after all, your design depends on your creativity, but you can look into the following options as a start:

    • You can bring the retro macrame art of the seventies to your walls and get quite original landscapes.
    • For a colorful and cheerful style, you can browse beaded wall art and cheer up your walls with a carnivalesque twist.
    • Try large wall calendars, each page of which is designed like a work of art, so you have the opportunity to refresh the look on your wall every day.
    • You can hang baskets of various sizes, colors, different textures and styles on your wall, and you can fill some of these baskets with your favorite objects, such as seashells or dry leaves.
    • You can discover tapestries covered with inspiring figures, embroidered in different weaves, and hang them on your wall to create an atmosphere that is both elegant and original.
    Brighten Your Space with Colourful Mosaic Art

      Brighten Your Space with Colourful Mosaic Art

      If you are thinking about personalizing your walls with wall decor ideas, you cannot skip the mosaic art. Mosaic tiles and paintings are great ways to spice up a wall, fill it with art, and personalize it. The limitlessness of materials and items that can be used in mosaic art gives you a space of freedom to decorate your walls. You can buy different mosaic artworks to hang on your walls, or you can create your own mosaic artworks.

      For example, by joining one of the Art Masterclass mosaic classes, you can create your own mosaic lamp in a short time and easily, and proudly display your work of art on your wall. Mosaic tiles, paper mosaic paintings, abstract mosaics made with stained glass and mosaic wall shelves are just some of the other wall decor ideas.

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