Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne
Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne
Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne
Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne
Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne
Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne
Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne
Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne

Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne

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Ceramic Paint and Sip Classes in Melbourne

Imagine this inspiring creative workshop is the first stop on your journey to becoming the world's next great artist.

Whether you're just starting out or you’ve already artis, our expert instructors will help hone every skill possible and introduce new skills that may interest you too.

If you’re ready to take it up a notch, sign up today with We Are Art Masterclass!

Plus there are so many other perks like making art buddies who could be life-long friends and receive an exclusive membership card so no one else knows how much fun we have together!"

Art Masterclass  is a premier, boutique art Studio, offering a mix of traditional craft workshops in Melbourne.

In this 2.5 hour beginner class you will have fun by painting traditional ceramic bowls. The techniques that are used in the process date back to the 8th century.  

It's a very easy, fun process with the guidance of tutors and no skill is required to join. 

You will not need to bring anything. All the necessary materials will be provided in the session. 

  • Ready to use glazed or plate
  • Colourings 
  • All painting tools 

Beginner class does not require kiln as the bowls are already glazed. At the end of the session you will get to take your finished project with you.

All of our workshops include Apple tea service accompanied by Turkish delights.

Note: Wine is not served. You can bring your own bottle. A wineglass will be provided.


0459 713 881
92 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, 3000

Booking Policy
Bookings close 1 day before the session starts.

Share the Joy: Gather Your Friends

Create lasting memories with friends and family as you delve into the captivating world of this incredible artform.

Join us and embark on an enjoyable journey together, exploring the wonders of mosaic art at its finest.

Why Ceramic Painting Workshop?

Personal Touch: Create your own designs and personalize your artworks.

Relaxing Experience: Unwind, clear your mind, and embrace the tranquility of art.

Boost Creativity: Have fun refining your artistic skills and acquire new ones.

Social Engagement: Connect with fellow art enthusiasts, chat, and find inspiration.

Savor Turkish Tea&Coffee: A Taste of Tradition

Discover the rich taste of Turkish tea&coffee at our captivating workshop. Experience the unique flavors of authentic Turkish drinks that will leave a lasting impression.

Take your bowl home!

At the end of your workshop, you get to take your beautiful bowls home.

And make sure to showcase your one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a prominent spot in your home, highlighting your creativity to others!

Don't take our word for it


Friendly and reliable staff
and anytime you can visit for taste one glass Turkish Demli (dark) tea.


Darlinghusrt , Sydney


Had an amazing time making Turkish lamps! Definitely coming back for a group booking. Amazing job ladies!

Natalie Elia

I would recommend this class to anyone, you don't need any prior experience. The teachers are so kind and guide you through all of the steps. The tiles, beads and plaster provided allow you to make a creation that you are so proud of creating. Also the space is really beautiful, I highly recommend!

Natasha Aviet

The teacher was lovely and supportive throughout the class and the end result was a fabulous Turkish lamp! Plus you get to enjoy some Turkish tea and homemade cookies while you are making your lamp :)
Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon! Would definitely recommend this class!

Jennifer Moon

Perfect rainy date idea! My boyfriend and I had the most amazing time decorating our table lamp over some Turkish biscuits and tea. We owe our enjoyable experience to our teacher, who was incredibly sweet and helpful! At the end of our session, she gave us bracelets to ward off negative energy. Overall, we would highly recommend you do this workshop with your loved ones :)

Danni Nguyen

I attended a mosaic candle holder making class, and I couldn’t have expected anything better! The instructors were very helpful, and helped to keep the atmosphere fun and relaxed. The variety of options and colours they have available for you to use in your work is extensive and you will definitely harness your creativity! I will definitely be returning again very soon.

Harini De Mel