Affiliate Program

What is Art Masterclass Affiliate Program

At Art Masterclass, we prioritize quality and excellence, reflected in our product range and customer-centric approach.  

If you possess a passion for diverse artistic disciplines and aim to share the captivating beauty of art with your audience, the Art Masterclass Affiliate Program offers you the perfect platform to accomplish this goal.

Engage with our Affiliate Program to garner a 15% commission on each sale facilitated through the links you share, enabling you to extend your love for art to your followers and loved ones.

What are the Privileges of the Art Masterclass Affiliate Program

  1. Earn a 15% commission for every order referred with your link and receive periodic payout.
  2. Opportunity to monitor sales and earnings in real time.
  3. Keep track of all referrals in your own personal dashboard.
  4. Get access to all provided marketing assets that help with promotion.
  5. Enjoy limitless earnings with no minimum threshold or cap, allowing you to withdraw your earnings at any time.
  6. As an affiliate, you're free to promote products creatively, aligning with your audience and style, maximizing sales potential without strict guidelines.
  7. Cookie duration for 30 days allows you to earn commissions on sales generated within 30 days of the initial referral through your affiliate link.

How It Works

  1. Sign up to our affiliate system with the link below

Sign up link:

After the registration process is completed, an informative e-mail regarding the process will be sent to your e-mail address.

  1. Share your unique affiliate links creatively with your audience and followers

Once your application is approved, our marketing team will send you an informative email on integrating your affiliate links to inspire and guide you.

  1. Receive your payment safely

On the 20th of each month, withdraw 15% of your previous month's earnings from your bank account.