7 Different Animal Mosaic Art Ideas

7 Different Animal Mosaic Art Ideas

Mosaic animals are figures that are always trending in mosaic art and are lovingly applied by mosaic artists. In short, animal mosaic art involves using animal figures and their likenesses to decorate various mosaic artworks. Animal skull art mosaic is also a great way for beginner mosaic enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and become acquainted with the liberating nature of mosaic. 

As Art Masterclass, we offer you mosaic workshops and mosaic classes suitable for beginners, where you can work on animal mosaic art and many other carft trends, supported by our professional team. If you can't wait to use animal figures in your mosaics and are looking for exciting ideas, here are 7 great animal mosaic art ideas!

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Cat and Dog Imagery

Cat portrait: Create a detailed mosaic portrait of your favorite feline friend. Use a variety of tile colors to capture the unique colors and patterns of your cat's fur.

Dog breed silhouette: Choose your favorite dog breed and create a mosaic of their silhouette. Use contrasting colors to make the dog's shape stand out.

Cat and dog friends: Create a mosaic of a cat and dog together, perhaps cuddling or playing. Use contrasting colors and shapes to differentiate the two animals.

Paw prints: Use small tiles to create a pattern of paw prints in a mosaic. Use colors representing your pet, such as black and white for a tuxedo cat or brown and tan for a golden retriever.

Whimsical cats and dogs: Create a mosaic of cats and dogs in playful or humorous poses, such as a dog chasing a cat or a cat perched on a dog's back. Use bright colors and bold shapes to create a lively and fun image.

Doghouse or cat tree: Create a mosaic of a doghouse or cat tree, complete with toys, bowls, and other pet accessories. Use various colors and shapes to create a detailed and playful scene.

Pet-themed words or phrases: Use mosaic tiles to create words or phrases that are associated with pets, such as "meow," "woof," "purrfect," or "man's best friend." Use a mix of colors and fonts to create a playful and whimsical design.

Bird Mosaic

Bird Mosaics

Bird figures are a great way to cheer up your mosaics while working on animal mosaic art. Here are a few ideas you can try:

Peacock: Use colorful tiles to create a stunning mosaic of a peacock. Focus on the intricate details of the bird's feathers, eyes, and head crest.

Hummingbird: Use bright, jewel-toned tiles to create a mosaic of a hummingbird in mid-flight. Focus on the bird's delicate wings and long beak.

Flamingo: Create a bold and colorful mosaic of a flamingo, using shades of pink, orange, and red. Use texture to capture the bird's distinctive feathers and long neck.

Blue jay: Use shades of blue and white to create a mosaic of a blue jay. Focus on the bird's striking blue feathers, black head, and white chest.

Seagull: Use shades of gray, white, and black to create a mosaic of a seagull in flight. Add texture to the bird's wings and body to make your mosaic more dynamic.

Lion Mosaics

Lion Mosaics

It is possible to see powerful lion figures in many important works throughout history. While you create your animal mosaic art, include mighty images of lions in your works. You can create a powerful lion mosaic using a mix of warm, earthy tones like oranges, yellows, and browns. Focus on the lion's fierce expression and mane to bring your mosaic to life.

Butterflies in Your Mosaics

Butterflies in Your Mosaics

Butterflies are always indispensable figures in beautifying designs. When making animal mosaic art, you can try butterfly figures such as:

Monarch butterfly: Create a stunning mosaic of a monarch butterfly using bright orange, black, and white tiles. Focus on the intricate details of the butterfly's wings and body.

Swallowtail butterfly: Use a mix of yellow, black, and blue tiles to create a mosaic of a swallowtail butterfly. Focus on the butterfly's distinctive tail and eye spots.

Peacock butterfly: Create a mosaic of a peacock butterfly using shades of brown, orange, and blue. Use texture to capture the butterfly's distinctive eye spots and wing patterns.

Blue morpho butterfly: Use bright blue and black tiles to create a mosaic of a blue morpho butterfly. Focus on the iridescent quality of the butterfly's wings.



When it comes to animal mosaic art, it is impossible not to mention elephants. You can try to make a bold elephant mosaic using a range of gray, black, and white tiles or glass pieces. Use the shape of the elephant to guide your design, adding in details like tusks and ears.

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Fish Mosaics

You can use the fish figure in your art mosaic art in several ways, depending on the theme and style of your project. Here are a few ideas:

Create a realistic mosaic of a fish, focusing on its unique shape and coloration. Use a mix of tiles to capture the texture and shine of the fish's scales.

Use fish figures as part of a larger underwater scene. 

Create a stylized or abstract mosaic of fish figures. 

Use fish figures as part of a larger nature or landscape scene. 

Create a mosaic of a fishing scene, with a fisherman and fishing rod, and add fish figures jumping out of the water or caught on the line.

Use fish figures as part of a larger mosaic project, such as a mural or mosaic pathway.

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