8 Amazing Canberra Experiences for Travel Lovers

8 Amazing Canberra Experiences for Travel Lovers

We all love spontaneous adventures, but sometimes it's smart to plan a case in point: Canberra. Sure, there are plenty of excellent Canberra experiences, from hiking and mountain biking to blowing a few weeks' income in the Braddon boutiques. 

When you plan your trip and try these activities, you'll get to meet locals and discover hidden gems and avoid constantly using Google Maps for directions. To save you time and simplify things, we've put together eight unexpected Canberra experiences you can try on your next vacation to this amazing city. Enjoy!

Explore the History at the Australian War Memorial

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is a city with a fascinating history and vibrant culture. It boasts numerous famous landmarks and attractions like the Australian War Memorial.

The Australian War Memorial is a special place that pays tribute to the bravery and dedication of Australians who served in various wars and conflicts, like World War I and II, the Vietnam War, and recent battles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Inside the memorial, you'll find a vast collection of artifacts, photos, and documents that share the remarkable stories of Australian soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

A must-see at the Australian War Memorial is the Hall of Memory, which houses the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier. This impressive monument represents the sacrifice and service of all Australian soldiers, whether their identities are known or not.

You can also attend the Last Post Ceremony, held every evening at the memorial, to remember those who have served and died for the country.

Enjoy Canberra's World-Famous Flower Festival

Enjoy Canberra's World-Famous Flower Festival

If you're new to Australia and have yet to learn the best things to do in Canberra, Floriade Festival is the one. 

It's Australia's biggest flower festival, and people come from all over the world for this festival full of one million flowers.

Floriade is also a free festival that surprises us about Canberra, as most attractions are free in the city. Floriade dates run for a month, between September 16 to October 15, 2023. 

Cruise Lake Burley Griffin 

A Lake Burley Griffin cruise is one of the fanciest things to do in Canberra and your best introduction to the city. You can see the major attractions in an hour and have a clear perspective of the city to help plan the rest of your visit.

Also, if you want to avoid Canberra's much-criticized roundabouts, a cruise on Lake Burley Griffin is the way.

Relax in the Picturesque Lakeside Parks

As the temperature warms up in the capital, you can almost hear the population of Canberra breathe a collective sigh of relief as the sun defrosts a winter that felt like it went on forever. 

Not only does the sun bring an unmatched joy that only comes at this time of year, but it also provides the best things to do in Canberra. 

So, if you need a refresher about outdoor parks near you this summer, here are the five best recreational areas in all Canberra districts to make the most of the long-awaited sunshine. 

  1. Inner South – Weston Park
  2. Tuggeranong – Pine Island, Namadgi National Park
  3. Inner North – Haig Park
  4. Belconnen – Lake Ginninderra District Park
  5. Woden Valley – Eddison District Park

Ceramic Painting Classes in Canberra

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Join Art Workshops for Canberra Experiences

Are you looking for some amazing Canberra experiences? Let us tell you about a fantastic idea- joining mosaic workshops in Art Masterclass!

Canberra is a hub of creativity, and mosaic classes are the perfect way to tap into your artistic side while having an absolute blast. Whether you're just starting or already artis, our expert instructors will help sharpen every skill possible and introduce new skills that may interest you too. If you're ready to take it up a notch, sign up today with the We Are Art Masterclass!

Attend Hot Air Balloon At Sunrise

With hot air ballooning in Canberra, you can discover a new vantage point of the capital. There's no better Canberra experience to fully appreciate the capital's charm than from the air with the balloon.

You can choose a flight for two people to weekend or weekday experiences to enjoy a bird's eye view of the city's architectural wonders and design. After your flight, you'll cheer to the memories you've created with your beloved ones.

In addition to that, you generally pay less to fly on a weekday, and flights last between 

forty-five minutes and an hour.

Explore The Street Art in Canberra

Explore The Street Art in Canberra

Canberra is not just about its iconic landmarks; it's also a hub of incredible street art that will leave you in awe. The best part is that street art in Canberra is open to more than one area.

Three main areas take priority if you only have a short time to hunt:

  1. Anca (Mitchell Studios): Anca is an artist's studio with tons of cool artwork, like street art and graffiti, all over the outside walls of the building.
  2. Woden Town Square: There's plenty to see in this area, and my favorite is the wall decorated by Happy Decay. Make sure to explore all the buildings to discover everything it offers.
  3. Tocumwal Ln: In this hidden back area, four walls are covered in awesome superheroes and super fun art pieces!

Visit Mount Ainslie

For breathtaking views of Canberra, you must visit Mount Ainslie. You can walk, cycle, or drive to the lookout point and enjoy the stunning scenery. It's beautiful throughout the day, but sunrise and sunset are especially magical.

From there, you'll get a fantastic view of Lake Burley Griffin and many of Canberra's famous national attractions, all surrounded by picturesque mountains. 

You'll witness how Walter Burley Griffin's vision for the city has become a reality. This place is a favorite spot for photographers because, besides the breathtaking vista, there are also plenty of native birds and wildlife, adding to the charm.

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