Colour Therapy: Blue

Colour Therapy: Blue | Art Masterclass

Colour therapy is rather a recently popular type of alternative medicine that that brings balance and health to the body and mind holistically. It is one of the softest and non-invasive treatment that is suitable for anyone from any age. 

Lets dive into this risk-free treatment and explore its health benefits!

As we know, us human beings are vibrating in the form of wavelength and our vibrations can communicate, adapt and align with our surroundings that also vibrates in its own wavelength, thus alter itself.  

Our vibrations create a frequency for each of us which highly affects our mood, way of thinking, emotional and cognitive activities, hormones and general well-being. 

Each colour, each hue creates a different frequency where our mind and body can align. This is the reason why we feel somehow different around different colours. Colours has been used as a very effective tool also in advertisement and marketing. 

As colours vibrate in certain frequencies, they evoke electrical impulse in our brains, changing the way we vibrate and the frequency of this vibration. It is undoubtedly astounding phenomenon. Things that are exposed to one another, synchronise. Colour therapy especially when a projected colour light is used is massively effective. 

Today’s Colour Is BLUE!

Blue is a very important healing colour that is linked with an ultimate calmness, serenity, peace and spirituality. Health benefits of the blue colour includes lowering blood pressure, reducing rapid heart rate and helping with general arrhythmia, anxiety and panic disorders. It is one of the strongest colours that has as immense effect of mental health. It also improves alertness, attention, reaction time and general mood. 

Blue colour is vastly used in hospitals and care centres to treat the mental deterioration for cancer patients and to treat neonatal jaundice, a condition affecting babies. 

When The Use The BLUE LIGHT?  

  • If you are feeling anxious and restless
  • If your decision making methods are failing you and you are confused
  • If you have fatigue
  • If you have studied or worked too long and losing your attention and motivation.
  • Right after a work-out 
  • If you want to lose weight


  • At night
  • While sleeping (it suppresses melatonin). 

Best Spot At Home For The Blue Light?

Your living room, a reading corner or a little yoga practice corner would be the best to use your blue lamp!

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Get creative and get healthy!

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