How Do You Make Simple Mosaic Tiles?

How Do You Make Simple Mosaic Tiles?

One of the most fascinating aspects of mosaic art is the endless possibilities it provides for combining materials of different textures and appearances. Depending on the design you have in mind, you can combine many different materials and pieces from nature, from your home and from different stores, and you can use almost anything you like as mosaic tile. So making simple mosaic tile is basically about choosing and finding materials that suit your design. 

Mosaic designs can be used to beautify many different spaces and surfaces, from your bedroom to the floor of your house, from bathroom tiles to small furniture, from ceilings to garden items. In fact, making simple mosaic tiles is a unique way to recreate and transform your home and possessions into your own works of art in a totally unique way. Therefore, before you decide how to make simple mosaic tiles, it is important to decide for what purposes and in which places you will use your tiles.

How Do You Choose The Appropriate Surface to Make Simple Mosaic Tiles?

Choosing the surface on which you will stick the mosaic tiles is one of the most important steps in starting to design your work of art. It is very critical that the surface you choose is compatible with the material you will use, is suitable for bonding and painting, and if you are not going to use paint, the surface color and colors of pieces complement each other.

Another point to be considered is whether you will use the surface on which you will paste your mosaic tiles in outdoor areas such as garden, balcony and patio. If you do, you may need to apply a waterproof sealer on the surface and tiles. We offer mosaic workshops at Art Masterclass to give you the perfect opportunity to create your vision.

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What Can You Use to Make Simple Mosaic Tiles?

After determining the surface you will use, it is time to choose the material you will use to make simple mosaic tiles. The materials you can use at this stage are limited only by your imagination, as mentioned earlier. We have compiled some ideas for you that you can easily find and try:

  • Become aware of the nature around you. You can find many material options to make simple mosaic tiles in nature. Round stones, pieces of tree trunks and seashells are just some of the examples that come to mind first.
  • The stores around you, such as stationery, consumables, hardware stores, are filled with many interesting materials that can inspire you to make simple mosaic tiles. By visiting the businesses around your home, you can browse the materials of different textures and collect the ones you like.
  • Stained glass and glass are indispensable, entry-level and easy-to-find materials for making simple mosaic tiles. However, you can also create great designs with small mirrors or mirror pieces. In short, think a little about glass and you will come up with many creative ideas.
  • If you are interested in sustainable economics and recycling, you may be happy when you realize how much material you collect around as garbage can be used to make simple mosaic tiles. Review the materials that are set aside as waste, you can find many aesthetic pieces that you can use in your works of art.

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How Do You Make a Homemade Mosaic Tiles?

It is possible to make simple mosaic tiles using only the materials in your home without purchasing or searching for any new materials. The best example of this is the wonderful tiles you can create by breaking glass or china dishes, porcelain vases and similar items in your home. With a fun and relaxing shredding experience, you can collect all such items that you do not use at home, are bored or old, and break them with a hammer by laying a towel on them in an outdoor area. The broken pieces you will obtain will be unique simple mosaic tiles that you will use in brand new designs that have nothing to do with the items you used to have. 

Want to learn and do more? We are here as Art Masterclass to explore your different and creative mosaic tile ideas together. You can browse the different materials in our workshops, take a look at our ready kits and get support from our expert team to produce with us.

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