How to Make a Mosaic Vase?

How to Make Mosaic Vase

Vases is one of the most aesthetic and simplest products, most preferred by those who are new to mosaic art. You can make mosaic vases in different sizes, patterns and colors, and you can use any material you can think of, such as bitray, seashell, beads to decorate your vases. You can use your handmade mosaic vase for decorative purposes in your home or office, and gift it to your loved ones. Your masterpiece, created entirely by your own efforts, will be a wonderful, original and unique prezzie. 

As Art Masterclass, we offer you comfortable workspaces, even private classes should you wish, kits that make everything very easy, and a fun instructor staff so that you can reflect your wonderful mosaic vase ideas on your art. Here we have compiled information and steps that may be useful for you to make mosaic vase of your dreams. Believe and wish you can and you are halfway there, right?

How to Make a Mosaic Vase?

What Can You Use as A Base for Mosaic?

When making a mosaic vase, there are a few key points to consider about the base of the vase:

1. The base you will use to make mosaic vase must be made of a material to which you can glue the mosaic tiles. All materials suitable for gluing such as ceramics, glass, wood are convenient for the base.

2. In order to make mosaic vase, you need to cut and paste the mosaic tiles that you will stick to the base in appropriate ways. Therefore, the shapes and sizes of the base and tiles you will use to make mosaic vase should be compatible with each other.

3. If you are going to use a round base to make mosaic vase, you should be careful to stick the tile pieces in such a way that they do not protrude from the oval shape.

As long as you pay attention to these golden rules, you can choose all the materials you want for the base you will use to make mosaic vase.

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How Can You Create A Mosaic Vase?

The steps you need to follow to turn your designs into wonderful works of art and make mosaic vase are briefly as follows. If you have one of the Art Masterclass kits, all the necessary materials and directions for the vase will be carefully prepared by us and delivered to your address.

As a fun and comfortable space where everyone is inspired by each other and art is produced collectively, our Art Masterclass mosaic workshops offer you the perfect opportunity to create your vase. You'll see how easy it is, let's get started:

1. The first step in making a mosaic vase is to prepare the base you will use for the vase. After choosing your base, paint the edges, interior and all surfaces of your vase with the colors you want so that there are no gaps.

2. Place the mosaic tiles that you have prepared in the desired sizes and shapes on a flat surface as you will stick them on your vase. Paste the tiles one by one on the surface of your vase, leaving no space between them. The most critical part of making a mosaic vase is to stick your tiles on the surface of your vase properly, firmly and correctly.

3. After gluing all the mosaic tiles on the surface of your vase, wait for the glue to dry. Then apply the grout to your vase to fill all the gaps.

4. After removing the excess grout with a sponge, let your vase dry for a few days.

5. If you wish, you can smooth the surface of your vase with transparent paint or decorate with paints in the colors you want.

How to Make a Mosaic Vase?

How Do You Grout A Mosaic Vase?

In the process of making a mosaic vase, if you are not used to the process, grouting the vase may seem a bit difficult for you. However, what you need to do at this point is actually quite simple: slowly add water to a glass of ready-made grout until it has a porridge consistency. When the grout reaches the desired consistency, you can apply it to your vase with the help of a brush, taking care to fill all the crevices and cracks.

If you are doing this at home, be careful not to wash your grout materials in the sink while preparing or cleaning the grout ; because grout can cause clogging of your water pipes. If you are using Art Masterclass workspaces to make mosaic vase, our team of trainers for grouting your vase will provide you with the support you need.

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How Can You Decorate Your Vase?

One of the most fascinating aspects of mosaic art is its structure that allows you to freely use materials according to your designs and unleash your creativity. After learning and practicing the basic techniques of mosaic art, that is, after shaping your vase and putting it into the form you want, you can decorate it with all the materials, colors and techniques you can think of.

How to Make a Mosaic Vase?

Making a mosaic vase requires a lot of finesse and original ideas, so you are free to collect all the materials you want to decorate your vase and adapt it to your designs. Leaves and stones, stained glass, paints, figures and patterns... Choose the most aesthetic and meaningful materials from an endless array of options.

As Art Masterclass team, we are always here for you for more techniques, ideas and support. Let's think, produce and have fun together in our workshops. You'll see, it will be fully sick.

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