The New Way to Relax: Table Lamp DIY Set

The New Way to Relax: Table Lamp DIY Set

Relaxation is a human need; relaxation is necessary for health and must be at the top of everyone's list of priorities. That's why we naturally crave time in a calm atmosphere free of work and other obligations, and light seems to be one of the essential elements that help us reach a state of relaxation and calmness. 

Proper lighting inside the house is one of the first ways to relax; therefore, using temperature colours, with some warmth, can give the room a warmer feeling to feel relaxed and more protected and safer. For that reason, using lamps with low-intensity bulbs is essential.

Mosaic Table Lamp Home Kit

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Make Your Lamps Unique with a New Way of Meditation 

We use many ways to relax. Meditation, for instance, is a fundamental aspect of maintaining relaxation. Using breathing techniques and visualization helps us reach a state of mindfulness, deep relaxation, and true inner calmness. But, besides these techniques, light is considered the first component that helps create the proper vibration for your meditation room.

Meditation helps us to reduce stress and focus our minds. Many people even set up small areas just for meditation and relaxation. In this area, many items and elements bring a relaxing zen environment; a mosaic table lamp can be added to these items since it has unique patterns that can be handmade. The lamps can be created DIY; you can get a table lamp Kit and create a beautiful lamp in which you can put your energy, love, and intention into it. 

The New Way to Relax: Table Lamp DIY Set

The colours of the light in a meditation space are as important as the room itself; when you design your lamp, you will have varieties of an option for light creation. Make sure you set up a soft, comfortable light for your eyes that generates a pleasant atmosphere of tranquillity and peacefulness. 

Table lamps are versatile items and more flexible to move around the room. The more flexible your meditation room lighting, the better; that's why choosing table lamps are a great idea. You can DIY your lamp; however, light using colours and patterns that go along with the room and add it as a complimentary element to your crystals, burning incense, and singing bowl.

The New Way to Relax: Table Lamp DIY Set

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The Materials You Need 

With DIY craft kit delivered to you, you can design your unique table lamp to illuminate your home.

  • Mosaic Glass Beads

You can choose from the collection of colours we have to offer you in both glass & beads. From dark blue, pink and white colour to red, orange, green and purple, you can customize your DIY lamp.

Mosaic Glass Beads
  • Empty Glass Globe

The glass will be the canvas on which all the work will be done.

Empty Glass Globe

  • Template Paper

Template Paper
  • Glue

The glue will be used as the primary adhesive for your mosaic table lamp. The glue is going to be used to hold the pieces together; in your kit, you will find a special glue which can be used for both the glass and the beads.


  • Plastering Kit

The plaster is used to harden the mosaic after glueing; it will work as a protective layer on your mosaic lamp. The kit includes plastering put-making and disapproval gloves to protect your hands from the hard material.

Plastering Kit

  • Table Lamp Lid and Body

These two pieces will be used at the end when the glass is designed and dried after glue and plaster. This is the last step. 

  • LED Bulb

This lighting tool will complement the contrast of the lamp colours and patterns.

 The New Way to Relax: Table Lamp DIY Set

  • Written Manual

The small manual will contain the guidelines for step-by-step on your mosaic lamp making. 

Steps To Follow 

After gathering all the needed materials to create the lamp, you can move to the next step: putting all the pieces together. Here are the steps you need to follow to achieve your DIY table lamp. These steps are straightforward to follow, and when you purchase the DIY kit, you will have a guiding manual that will give you more detailed instructions.

Steps To Follow
  • Picking the Design

You must first pick the design and the colour combination you want in your table lamp. You can choose the colour palette based on the room you will put it in. The design and the colours you select will affect the light in the room. So, make sure you choose a warm relaxing colour palette. Start laying out your design on the template paper that will help you makes things neat. You can select any of the designs provided on the temples, but you can get some inspiration from the designs below for new colour combination ideas.

Picking the Design

Check the videos for guidance. 

  • Glueing


Begin first by placing a small amount of the glue in a circular motion into the glass globe. You can use the thin line on the glass globe to guide the glueing process easier. It's essential to place a small amount of glue so the glass pieces won't slide down.

  • Adding the Beads

Begin the beading process by applying the glue around the mosaic glass pieces; you can choose where you want to install your beads. Don't be afraid to put a little extra glue while working with beads so they can stick firmly. You can sprinkle and press down the beads onto the glue by covering the rest of the glass except the edge itself.  

You have to wait for 5 to 6 hours for the glue to dry completely before moving to the next step.

  • Prepare the Plaster

Add 45 grams of water into the provided cup, then pour a small amount of plaster powder onto the water while stirring solidly for the texture to thicken.

The New Way to Relax: Table Lamp DIY Set

  • Applying the Plaster

After mixing the plaster well, grab a generous amount of the plaster and apply it onto the glass globe while spreading evenly. Scrape off the excess plaster with a few fingers and wipe it back into the cup. 

Wait in about 2 minutes for the plaster to harden, do wait longer so you can prevent the plaster from hardening too much.

Applying the Plaster

  • Cleaning The Plaster

Grab some water and a clean sponge and start cleaning the excess plaster from the glass. You will start noticing that the pieces are coming shiny and bright.

  • Assembling the Lamp

After waiting for 1 hour, you can move to the last step by putting the final pieces of the lamp. Use the clasps provided on the base, and attach the glass globe to the lamp's base. Afterwards, screw on the LED bulb by connecting it to the rest of the lamp.

There you have it, a DIY table lamp kit ready to be turned on. You can put a tremendous colourful lamp anywhere in your house, bedroom, meditation room, or living room… that will bring a relaxing vibration and be a new way to relax in your home.

The New Way to Relax: Table Lamp DIY Set

There you have it, a DIY table lamp kit ready to be turned on. A great colourful lamp that you can put anywhere in your house, bedroom, meditation room, or living room will bring a relaxing vibration and will be a new way for you to relax in your home. 

DIY is for everyone. Everybody can make a beautiful mosaic lamp at home from all ages without needing special skills. The DIY can also be part of the relaxing and calming process that can make you put the right energy into your art. 

Your relaxed self is your best self. You'll feel less stressed, concentrate better, make better decisions, and minimise irritability when you find time to relax. Add the mosaic lamps to your meditation routine and your ways of relaxing. 

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