Things To Do In Sydney, Australia: Top 10 Things to Do

Things To Do In Sydney, Australia: Top 10 Things to Do

Sydney might be known as one of the most expensive cities to live in, but don't worry! It's packed with plenty of free things to entertain first-time visitors. 

Whether you're into exploring beautiful gardens, checking out fascinating galleries, relaxing on stunning beaches, or marveling at iconic landmarks, Sydney has got you covered. Here are ten fantastic fun things to do in Sydney while visiting this amazing city.

Visit Sydney Opera House

Visit Sydney Opera House

There's no better way to conclude this tour of remarkable architectural marvels than with a visit to the Sydney Opera House, which is undeniably the most renowned building in Sydney and even in all of Australia. 

Join the ranks of approximately 10 million annual visitors by ascending the grand staircase, and be sure to have your camera ready to seize the countless angles and picturesque backdrops this iconic location offers.

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a globally recognized symbol and stands out as one of the most famous landmarks worldwide.

As the largest steel arch bridge on Earth, it stretches across one of the most splendid natural harbors on the planet. Fondly nicknamed the Coathanger by locals, it holds an essential place within the city. 

You can stroll or ride a bicycle across it, and for those seeking an adventurous experience, you can even climb to the top for breathtaking views.

Go Up Sydney Tower Eye

Go Up Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Tower Eye has played a significant role in the renowned Sydney skyline for the last three decades. Positioned 250 meters above the city streets, it offers unparalleled 360-degree vistas of Sydney and its surroundings. From this vantage point, you can easily spot both the famous landmarks and the hidden treasures of this stunning harbor city. 

And if you're visiting on a clear day, you'll be treated to a remarkable sight: a glimpse of the Blue Mountains, located an impressive 80 kilometers away!

Surf at Manly Beach

Manly is a truly enchanting beach that caters to everyone's desires, and it's one of the best things to do in Sydney.

Stretching across a generous 3 kilometers, it offers ample room for you to lay your towel on the inviting, soft white sand and unwind to your heart's content. 

Whether you're a swimmer or a surfer, you can feel at ease knowing that the beach is monitored by three surf lifesaving clubs, ensuring your safety. And for those who prefer admiring the water from a distance, there's the option to take a leisurely walk or bike ride alongside the beach, enjoying its picturesque views.

Mosaic Swan Lamp Home Kit

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Do Mosaics in Sydney

As a visitor to Sydney, you have the fantastic opportunity to unleash your creativity in mosaics by joining a mosaic lamp workshop. Art Masterclass offers mosaic classes in Sydney for both beginners and experienced individuals.

In this 2.5-hour class, you'll dive into the techniques of a 500-year-old ancient craft. You can also discover the joy of assembling intricate geometric patterns and master the art of laying colorful tiles (tesserae). 

With the guidance of expert instructors, you'll have the pleasure of creating your very own traditional Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp using a geometric template of your choice. If you're looking for fun things to do in Sydney, give it a shot! 

Experience the Exciting Bondi to Coogee Coastal Adventure

Get ready for a joyful adventure as you follow the winding path along the breathtaking clifftops that connect two of Sydney's most stunning beaches—the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. 

Loved by locals and first-time visitors, this scenic route is a favorite. The walk stretches for 6 kilometers, and you can complete it in just a couple of hours or take your time and make it a full-day outing. 

Along the way, you can take refreshing breaks to swim at Tamarama and Bronte beaches or snorkel at Gordons Bay to explore the fascinating underwater world. 

Take the chance to admire the ancient Aboriginal rock carvings at North Bondi, which add a unique touch to your journey.

Visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Prepare to be filled with joy as you enter Sydney's most renowned public exhibition space, the Art Gallery of New South Wales. 

This extraordinary gallery proudly showcases significant works by both local and international artists, making it a true treasure trove of artistic brilliance.

One of the gallery's highlights is its vast collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, which stands as one of the world's largest permanent exhibitions. 

In 2022, the gallery expanded its horizons with the exciting addition of the Sydney Modern Project. This new campus, situated in a sustainable and architecturally captivating setting overlooking Sydney Harbour, is connected to the historic gallery by a vibrant public art garden. 

Inside, you'll find contemporary exhibitions by leading Australian and international artists in carefully curated site-specific art spaces.

Wander through Centennial Park

Experiencing the vibrant oasis known as Centennial Park in Paddington is one of the best free things to do in Sydney.

This expansive green haven, sprawling across a vast 190 hectares, serves as the city's "green lung," offering many delightful activities for visitors of all ages.

As you stroll along Grand Drive, shaded by majestic fig trees, you'll feel a sense of peace and serenity wash over you. Marvel at the diverse array of water birds, including pelicans and elegant black swans, gracefully gliding across the park's ponds.

For a captivating adventure, spend an hour exploring the Wetlands Maze, where you can wander through enchanting paths and discover hidden corners of natural splendor. 

Lose yourself in the beauty of the paperbark forest along the Lachlan Swamp Nature Trail, a 45-minute journey that promises to delight your senses.

Attend Ceramic Painting Classes in Sydney

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Attend Ceramic Painting Classes in Sydney 

Looking for fun and creative things to do in Sydney that will leave you feeling inspired and delighted? Look no further than Ceramic Painting Workshop in Sydney with Art Masterclass!

The best part? You don't need any prior skills or experience to join the fun! Talented tutors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that the process is easy and enjoyable for everyone. 

So leave your worries behind and come as you are because all the necessary materials will be provided during the session. You won't need to bring a thing!

Drink in Panoramic Views at Bar 83

Situated on the second-to-highest floor of Sydney Tower, the Golden Bucket is a unique cocktail lounge with a quirky, retro-futurist vibe. It's the highest place in Sydney to enjoy a drink, perched 83 stories above the CBD streets.

You'll be treated to jaw-dropping views of Greater Sydney from the Golden Bucket. The vistas are stunning, stretching from the endless Pacific horizon in the east to the beautiful Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park in the north.

Look westward, and you'll be amazed by the majestic Blue Mountains, while a glimpse south reveals the charming coastal scenery of Cronulla. These panoramic views offer an unmatched perspective of the city, providing an extraordinary sight that almost can't be found anywhere else in Sydney.

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