Turkish Black Tea - Filiz 500 Gr
Turkish Black Tea - Filiz 500 Gr
Turkish Black Tea - Filiz 500 Gr

Turkish Black Tea - Filiz 500 Gr

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Turkish Black Tea - Filiz 500 Gr Description and Specifications

Best Turkish Tea Black Tea Filiz 500gr Best tea by CAYKUR AU 

 Caykur Sprout Turkish Black Tea (Filiz) is a very special blended tea. Brewed taste of tea rate is high, the flavor is indescribable. 

You can prepare the most delicious tea with Caykur Sprout Turkish Black Tea (Filiz) for many people moreover with a small amount of tea.

  • The tea, which is collected and blended with the first sprouts during tea collection season, is known as sprout. The flavor of Filiz Turkish Tea is very pleasant mild due to the blending of fresh leaves.
  • Using Pure water is recommended to get a real taste of brewed tea.
  • The shelf life of Filiz Turkish Tea is two years, as long as you keep it in a dry place away from the direct sunlight.
  • Filiz Turkish Tea does not contain any kind of additive substances or artificial sweeteners.
  • Filiz Turkish Tea is carefully packed by our expert team in our special boxes.

  • Made in Turkey

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