Copper Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot Greek
Copper Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot Greek

Copper Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot Greek

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Copper Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot Greek Description and Specifications

Our hammered copper coffee pot (cezve) is made of a single sheet of copper. It is designed to make a perfect cup of Greek/Turkish/Arabian Coffee. 
You may encounter many different coffee pot designs, but this coffee pot has a traditional design. 
Cezve is made in a neat and refined style, so it will perfectly fit any design of the kitchen

HAND MADE: All production steps by experienced craftsmen are completely handmade in Turkey. Engraved by Copper Artisans. 
This cezve's body is completely solid hammered copper and nonreactive tin linings on the inside. 
It has premium brass handle with high durability

EASY to USE: This cezve is very convenient in use, does not require special care and its manufacturing quality will allow it to serve you for decades
USAGE AREA: You can use it in electric/gas stove top hobs. It is extra durable to use even on an open fire like a barbecue or camp fire. 
It can be used as coffee pot, milk pot, small saucepan or butter melter