10 Mosaic Ideas To Try at Home

10 Mosaic Ideas To Try at Home

Need creative mosaic ideas to try in the comfort of your home and in your spare time? Maybe you can't wait to try out the amazing patterns you see on Pinterest or are you looking for techniques to realize your own mosaic ideas? So hang tight, we've prepared an inspiring list for you. 

Gather your supplies, head to the desk, and use these mosaic ideas to create your masterpiece. If you have any doubts about what the first step should be to get started, you can review the ready-made art kits that Art Masterclass sends to your home and you can always contact us.

10 Mosaic Ideas To Try at Home

1. Turkish Mosaic Candle Holders

Turkish tradition is one of the most inspiring and deep-rooted veins of mosaic art. You can add a mysterious and fascinating look to your home by making Turkish style candle holders. Use a glass surface for Turkish candle holders, one of the easiest of the homemade mosaic ideas.

If you are not experienced in cutting and shaping glass, you can use ready-made and flat glass candle holders as molds. You can use translucent and colored beads as decoration material. At Art Masterclass our expertise is in Turkish mosaic workshops, pop around our workshops for more mosaic ideas, candle holders and Turkish style lamps.

2. Stained Glass Mosaic Coasters

Decorate your tables with your creative and modern coasters. For coasters, which is one of the very simple mosaic ideas, you can use all the bases that are suitable for gluing stained glass and cut into neat sizes. Or you can stain the plain coasters you buy.

All you need for this process are pieces of colored stained glass, grout and varnish. After sticking the stained glass on your coasters according to your design, you can cover your work with grouth and then with transparent varnish, and place your glasses comfortably on the completely flat surface.

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3. Mosaic Photo Frames

Photo frames are one of the most beautiful mosaic ideas you can try at home, as they are both flat surfaces that you can get very cheaply and have a great gift potential. By purchasing a simple photo frame, you can decorate the edges of the frame with the materials you want, such as beads, stained glass, wooden pieces. Depending on your design, there are many alternatives for the materials you can use for edge decorations.

4. Egg Shell Decorated Frames

Turn your discarded shells into art. If you like photo frame mosaic ideas, you may want to know that you can also use eggshells as wonderful decorations. You can get wonderful edgings by sticking eggshells on ready-made frames or on flat surfaces such as cardboard that you can use as a frame base, with decorative arrays and painting them. Egg shells, which you can turn into edgings in the patterns and colors you want, are undoubtedly one of the materials you can find in the easiest and cheapest way.

10 Mosaic Ideas To Try at Home

5. Display Your Mosaic Ideas On Your Walls

Personalize your walls with your artwork. The walls of your home are like a ready-made exhibition space where you can display your wonderful mosaic ideas. You can use one of your kitchen or bathroom tiles, your headboard, your hallway or your dining room walls for your mosaic ideas. What you need to do for this is to choose a suitable wall in your home, make a mosaic with the materials you want on a tile of suitable size and hang your work of art in the area you have chosen.

6. Mosaic Ceilings

Just like your walls, your ceiling is one of the perfect spaces your home offers you to showcase your mosaic ideas. Turn the perspective and height of your ceiling into a creative artistic challenge. You can cover the ceilings of your home with perfect mosaic tiles without limiting your mosaic ideas. When you cover your masterpiece with grout and colored paints, you will have unique, smooth and awe-inspiring ceilings.

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7. Mosaic Floor Tiles

Bring your mischievousness and creativity to the places you set foot with your mozaic ideas. You can turn your room into a fantastic place by covering a floor piece of your choice with mosaic tiles in your home. Cover classic floors with the inspiration of flying carpets!

8. Mosaic Vases

Mosaic vases are not just works you can see in traditional museums or galleries. Simply, plainly and inexpensively, you can project your mosaic ideas onto the surface of a vase. For this, you can cover and grout a ready-made vase with your own mosaic ideas and materials, or you can simply find a plate for the base of your vase and create the edges yourself. It is entirely up to your creativity what sizes, patterns and colors you will make vases.

10 Mosaic Ideas To Try at Home

9. Mosaic Flower Pots

Speaking of vases where you will put your flowers, we can also think about the pots in which you will grow them. In a very similar way to vases, you can transfer your mosaic ideas to your flower pots. Pots, which will combine the beauty of nature with the perfection of your art, are wonderful surfaces for sticking your mosaic tiles, which you will equip with different materials.

10. Paper Mosaic Face Masks

If working with glass and grout seemed a little difficult at first, it may be a relief to remember that you can use paper, a material you are more familiar with. Paper face masks are just one example of mosaic ideas you can create using paper. To create your mask, you need to cut a cardboard according to a face shape and separate the parts where the eyes will locate.

Afterwards, you can freely work with papers of different colors and textures according to the design in your mind, cut small pieces of paper and stick them on your mask. The masks you can create are limitless, as you will be able to find so many different types and shapes of pieces of paper.

You can have a very fun time by transforming the faces of your favorite characters, the figures you dream of or the people around you into mosaic masks with different papers.

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