8 Unique Home Decor Ideas

8 Unique Home Decor Ideas

Your living area is a space where you have the freedom to create and explore your style. Whether you want to create a relaxing vibe, enjoy making a traditional Turkish mosaic lamp, use mosaic candle holders to brighten up your space or make out of old picture frames, your decor helps your vision become a reality. 

If you're planning renovations or redecorating and need plenty of inspiration, here we're sharing 8 DIY unique dome decor ideas for you!

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Making Mosaic Lamps with DIY Kits

With this 500-year-old craft technique, you will learn how to use a geometric template to create your own traditional Turkish mosaic. You have the opportunity to create your design or your masterpiece based on a classic template. No prior knowledge is required with this hands-on virtual experience, and all the items you need will be included in your kit. 

Mosaic table lamps are amazing examples of unique home decoration ideas or an everlasting gift for someone special. They're also suitable for the office and easy to clean after you finish the art piece. 

Using Mosaic Candle Holders to Brighten Up Your Space

With your mosaic candle holder DIY home kit, you can add a mysterious and fascinating look to your home design. Using a glass surface for Turkish candle holders is one of the most beautiful handicraft projects at home, and unique home decor ideas with ease!

This kit includes all the materials you need to make a gorgeous mosaic candle holder; plus, with this kit, you will learn ancient techniques for assembling a Turkish mosaic.

Art Masterclass has beautiful handmade mosaic candle holders perfect for a soothing and dreamy setting in your decoration, anniversaries, festivals, new year's etc.

Using Turkish Rugs to Add a Different Touch

Beautifully crafted Turkish rugs always stay in style and can be a surprising, unique home decoration idea of all kinds. Whether you're looking to accent an opulent English-inspired library or a sleek modern living room, there're thousands of options in terms of color, fabric, scale, and style; there's a Turkish rug out there to add a different touch. 

Turkish rugs are an exotic decor element, too, even if you have a couple of pieces of furniture in the room and not much else.

Concrete Vase 

When it comes to concrete and home decor, it can often feel very modern, industrial, sterile, and lacking quality, but we beg to defer. That's because DIY concrete items can go the other way around and feel luxurious, vintage and all sorts of great things.

DIY concrete vases are one of the decor ideas for your home that you will want to do. They are DIYs that feel like something other than DIY. Concrete can feel a bit modern industrial, but it can turn out pretty good. You can try different techniques and make them look like a stone.

Soleil Table Lamp

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Using Old Frames to Decorate Your Home

What can you make out of old picture frames? Most of us have a collection of antique picture frames in different shapes and sizes. You can use them as unique home decoration ideas to be less wasteful and more efficient. These home decor items are just as valid to use with new photo frames as well.

Vintage photo frames have unique borders and designs that make them stand out. Hanging them around your home is an instant refresh. Reuse your photo frames and turn them into practical and beautiful items. You can reuse your old picture frames as a creative calendar, shelves, corkboards, a key rack, letter holder, jewellery holder, empty frame display or floating frames.

Easy and Minimalist Textured Wall Art DIY Idea

Often in DIY, things take longer than you thought they would and sometimes you just need a quick win. Luckily, DIY textured canvas art is that type of project! You can buy one online if you don't want to make your own DIY canvas from scratch.

Your own easy-peasy DIY textured canvas art will feel like a statement piece. You'll also be pleased with how well it fills the wall. The best thing about this DIY textured wall art is that you can keep it up. We also bet you have all the supplies you need already at home. DIY textured canvas unique decor ideas for your home are so easy to make, and they will cost you so inexpensive! Sometimes easy DIYs are the best ones.

Supplies to make:

  • Old wood sign
  • Canvas
  • Pliable putty 
  • Tape
  • Paint brush
  • Your paint color of choice

Build a Custom DIY Tree Bookshelf 

We know that all the additional space needs a new storage solution. Tree bookshelves aren't the most efficient, but they are a beautiful decor idea for your home. Tree Bookshelves will turn your home into a forest! 

 Branch-shaped units create the perfect place to rest your stacks. Plus, they make you feel like you're reading underneath a big tree—from the comfort of your living room.

Handmade tree Bookshelf goes up the entire wall, giving you countless options for stacking and plenty of room to play. You can also use tree bookshelves as a perfect room divider to put the excellent finishing touches to your interiors. 

Homemade Plant Hanger

DIY plant hangers are perfect for beginners because you don't need to be a macrame expert to make them! Most of these decor ideas take less than an afternoon to complete and are inexpensive to make. 

If you purchase a plant hanger, you'll see that you should spend more on the store-bought than a homemade one. These unique home decor ideas only take a few supplies, and all of them can be customized to your liking and plant size. They also make perfect gifts, but you might want to keep one yourself after making one. 

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