Activities for Christmas That You Can Do With Your Relatives

Activities for Christmas That You Can Do With Your Relatives

With our list of the best Christmas activities that you can do with your relatives, give everyone a festive mood. Themed activities for toddlers and preschoolers will support your child's development; that's a win for everyone so without further delay. Let's check them out!

Activities for Christmas That You Can Do With Your Relatives

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Christmas Activities for Families

Christmas Activities for Families

1) Making DIY Mosaic Lamp

Turning an ordinary table lamp into a beautiful lit mosaic piece is one the best rewarding activities for Christmas. You have endless design and combination options for these DIY mosaic lamps. Making DIY mosaic table lamps are also great Christmas activity for families.

The other great aspect of creating a lit mosaic art on an inexpensive table lamp is that the piece can always be lit if you so desire.

2) Making Ornaments

Making ornaments is one of the super fun family activities for Christmas that you can also do during the holiday season. Especially ways that you can make them really work for the young kids in your family.

Making ornaments for grandparents or other family members can measure out the ingredients, make the cornstarch clay, and preserve their sweet little handprints. After baking and letting them dry, you paint and get them all ready for grandparents. These are surely going to be a keepsake that your family will love.

3) DIY Candle Set

Do you love candles, especially those beautiful high-end ones that you admire from afar and don't buy because they are so expensive? Some of these luxury candles can cost a hundred dollars, and it may be tough to justify that cost. However, did you know that you can make these bougie candles straight from home?

The best part is that you can choose your scent and truly customize the candle to be exactly what you want.

All you need to do to make this beautiful DIY activity for Christmas is:

  • Purchasing beautiful candle vessels
  • Pick your scent,
  • Choose your wax. For your luxury candles, you can choose a wax that is easy to work with. Especially choose the one that you could cut easily with your knife.
  • Melting your wax
  • Attaching your wicks, preparing your fragrance oil and finally adding any aromatics you want.

4) DIY Christmas Cards

DIY cards are always a popular activity for Christmas. You must let your family and friends know that you are thinking of them. You can find thousands of style diy cards on Pinterest. If you want just to pay somebody to do a personalized card, check out Etsy.

5) Taking a Mosaic Workshop

When people see mosaic art, they mostly like “OMG, that looks like so much fun but I wouldn't know where to start.” So, consider taking a class!

A mosaic workshop is the best way to learn how to make mosaic art. You learn to use the right materials, and the right tools and find out how involved you want to be without a big outlay of money.

In the workshops, everything's included: Patterns, the tools, adhesives, glass tiles and mosaics. No artistic talents are required because the tutor is going to walk you through every step.

So click on the link below, register, and enjoy learning mosaic art.

Taking a Mosaic Workshop

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Christmas Activities for Adults

Christmas Activities for Adults

1) DIY Budget Friendly Coaster project

The DIY Coaster project is a fun idea of creating art with only your fingers. It's really one of the simple Christmas activities for families to do together with young ones. You can use these coasters at your next family gathering or when you have friends over to protect any countertop or surface.

Pick up any kind of rope you want first. Then, all the processes you’ll have to do are repetitive.

  • Start off by wrapping it around your finger.
  • Basically you're going to loop over the top of your right to the top of your left.
  • Start with your left finger always and just pull that loop up.
  • After pulling that bottom, make sure to pull your kind of leftover remaining tail that you started off with.
  • Finally, when you tighten everything up on the back, simply repeat the whole process.

2) Leather Pouches

These are super cute little faux leather pouches that are perfect for gift cards or small little gifts. They're also reusable. Pick up any colors of sheets of faux leather material you want. You can use any template you choose or just download it from the internet.

Try to create a couple more of them so you can give them as a gift.

3) Scrapbook Album

We’re sure you will love this creative gift idea. With this handmade albüm, you can prove to your loved ones that you care about them and you are willing to create special gifts and not just buy them. Creating a scrapbook album is a good way of passing the time and one of the best Christmas activities for families.

The fun thing about scrapbooking is you literally just use anything that you have, and it's super cheap. So, go ahead and grab scraps, receipts, magazines, and your favorite stuff, and get fun!

If you're feeling stuck on where to start, no worries, we've got you covered. So, here are some materials that you might want:

  • First and foremost get yourself a canvas notebook. We recommend the big one but if you want something a little more simplistic, the small one will do just fine.
  • White pens look absolutely great on this kind of paper. Also, use washi tape, some accent colors, and glitter pens.
  • You can use a polaroid gadget to take all of your digital pictures and actually bring them to life.

4) DIY Memphis Mugs

These are very customizable activities for Christmas. It is a really therapeutic time to spend with your loved ones during the holiday season. To personalize mugs, the first thing you need is acrylic paint markers. These are supposed to be able to paint on a bunch of different surfaces, including ceramics.

You can get inspired by the thousands of mug design ideas from Pinterest or try whatever you like to draw. For example, you can try easy Memphis design, retro patterns in the 90s or 80s, etc. After the designing process, let them all dry and put them all into the oven, and bake them according to the instructions on the packet for the markers.

About the markers: You definitely can't rub them off with your fingers, but if you scratch them, they will come off. So, if you want your mugs to be a little bit more secure, we would recommend using ceramic paint brushes.

Christmas Activities for Children

Christmas Activities for Children

1) Balloon Caterpillar Game

Balloon caterpillar is one of the funniest outdoor team-building activities you can do with your children.

In this game, each team will have to walk from one point to another with balloons in between them. Well, they have to make sure that no balloon will fall while they are doing the task. Each of the members will have to make sure that none of the balloons will fall as they cross from one point to another.

They are not allowed to touch the balloon nor their group mates. The moment one balloon falls or the moment they break the rule, they are to start at the starting point.

2) Christmas ‘What Am I?’ Game

 This fun Christmas game is the perfect activity to do with your family this Christmas. You can find free printable Christmas what am I game cards on the internet easily. If you want, you can also make your own cards with paper and pen at home.

The ‘What Am I?’ game is one of the funniest Christmas activities for children.

3) Sponge Paint Christmas Tree Craft

If you’re a fan of Christmas Art Activities, sponge paint Christmas tree craft is just for you! Feel free to get creative!

  • First, simply cut up some sponges into triangle shapes to start. Alternatively, you can cut them into a whole tray.
  • Grab some green paint and have your toddler dip the sponge into the paint and stamp it on the paper to make trees.
  • Once the paint dries you can have your child decorate their trees with stickers, sequins, glitter, mini pom-poms or whatever else you'd like.

4) DIY Christmas Puzzles

For this activity, you're going to need some mega blocks, duplos or legos, and some printouts of Christmas-themed pictures. You're going to want to try and pre-build some of the towers with your blocks so that you can size your pictures to fit.

Next, place your pictures on the block towers and cut them up according to the corresponding blocks. Tape the pieces on your blocks and have your toddler or preschooler match the puzzle pieces together to complete the picture. 

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