What is Art Deco Mosaic Art?

What is Art Deco Mosaic Art?

Everyone wants to have a house that is attractive, has a nice elegant feeling, and is visually appealing. In such a case, bringing art deco to life can serve this purpose quite well. Choosing the right patterns, and placement of physical items, colors, and objects is substantial to implementing art décor in the right way in your home space. Art Deco is the expression in every medium you choose to put it in, from home all the way to fashion.

What is Art Deco Style?

What is Art Deco Style?

Art Deco or what’s called style modern is the most popular decorative style in the early 20th century. The Art style turned into a movement in the decorative arts. The terminology Art Deco was derived from the international exposition that was held in Paris, in 1925 under the name of “L’exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” where this style was showcased for the very first time. 

Ever since the Art Deco style was acknowledged and utilized worldwide. It quickly became popular due to its special modern touch. Its products included crafted luxury items that were sleek and elegant with multiple patterns and symbols that turned into a sophisticated fashion.

What is Art Deco Style?

The primordial style promulgates as a result of the rise of the industrial movement and modern technology. This led to a portrayal of shapes and forms in a more streamlined fashion. Art Deco is primarily characterized by fascinating geometrical patterns and abstract and fragmented forms. The features of the style are simple, clean shapes, often with a streamlined look.

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Art Deco artists investigate the extraordinary cultural components they may incorporate into their works. It is not surprising that there is a diverse range of cultural motifs from Mesopotamia to ancient Egypt and beyond. The Art style has its particular signature of using geometric shapes and symmetrical compositions, in addition to the connection between fine arts and crafts. strong geometrical designs in symmetrical formations, and brilliant, contrasting colors, and it utilised a range of contemporary resources such as mosaic tiles and beads, glass, aluminium.

How to Make Art Deco Style Mosaic Art?

Art Deco was not just a purchased art that was sold out, it was also created by people from home. Our great-grandmothers were in fact DIYers making their own dresses and home decorations. Now in our current times it's even easier to create art from your own house since all the supplies are available and the inspiration is endless. 

All you need is to get a mosaic DIY kit online and create a fun Art Deco with beautiful mosaic patterns that can give you space and a glitzy décor that is made with your own two hands.

What is Art Deco Mosaic Art?

The process of making an Art deco mosaic is the same as making a normal mosaic piece. You can advance it by adding glass, marble, gold, wood, or any material to splendid up.

Overall, the process of making the art deco mosaic goes like this:

  • Choose your design.
  • Get the material you want; if it's recycled, then cut them out the way it matches your shape.
  • Choose your base. 
  • Attach the pieces all together following the design of the patterns.
  • Glue the pieces to the base.
  • After the glue dries make sure you use a subtle adhesive to keep it neat and sleek. 
  • Once everything is dry and well put together, use a soft grout for protection.

You can check more details about each step of making mosaic art in the following article: https://www.artmasterclass.com.au/blogs/news/diy-mosaics-as-a-hobby-for-adults 

Tips for Art Deco Style Mosaic Art

-Patterns are a key feature of achieving a nice home art décor in the interior design. To keep the art deco mosaic theme, you must go for bold, fluid, and symmetrical motifs such as: Trapezoidal shapes, Zigzag shapes , Stepped forms, Sweeping curves, Triangular shapes, Chevron patterns, leaves

-Using a fairly neutral colour scheme in classy geometric print will add more depth and intrigue to the space.

-For a subtler look, add small amounts of pattern detail here and there or a single patterned item such as a rug.

-For a more eclectic appearance, add harmonious several repetitive patterned items to the room.

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Art Deco Mosaic Art Ideas

Art deco is one of the most popular tile trends that never go out of fashion. The style can allow you to go bold, dramatic, and elegant with your home design that you in fact can create yourself.

Art deco can be taken one step further by adding mosaic tiles to your art. Art deco mosaics can enhance the space even more with colors and symbols. you can incorporate mosaic can in any way and in any space you desire. Take tiles of DIY mosaic kit and get started with your home invention without spending a fortune. Make Art Deco Mosaic items in the hallway, kitchen, or even outdoors and they will give your home a classical stylish look instantly.

Here are some Art Décor Mosaic ideas that you can try at home:

  • Decoration Mosaic Piece

What is Art Deco Mosaic Art?

Every wall art has a special style that matches the identity of the maker. You create a special piece of art deco mosaic that reflects your style and personality to décor the walls of your house. You can assemble many designs with mosaic tiles and create different shapes of animals, plants, and geometric shapes…

  • Mosaic Table

Tables are an essential piece in the house since it can be used for both styling the space as well as putting things. Be crafty with your Art Deco Mosaic table, add details like touches of gold or lustrous materials like marble to add more edge, you can go beyond with your imagination and creativity.

What is Art Deco Mosaic Art?

  • Wall Decoration 

DIY art deco mosaic wall art is preferable as an alternative for your house. Working with wall art as decoration can create the perfect features you would like to add to your space, you can use a collection of different forms that represent a memory that makes you happy or a bright design that allows your room to shine by highlighting various visual appealing designs that are very easy to make from the mosaic DIY kit.

What is Art Deco Mosaic Art?

  • Mosaic Decoration Item

What is Art Deco Mosaic Art?

Vintage items bring a classical antique atmosphere to any space. Adding a combination of mosaic and vintage items is wonderful with an art deco vibe. If you can find an old ceramic, wooden, or metal holder at your home, then you can add a touch of mosaic in such an easy way to give some color and life to the space. 

  • Plant Pot

plant pot

Adding green and nature-inspired forms is also related to Art deco. Plants can be an easy soft accessory and vibrant element to your space. Art deco mosaic pots are such a great contrast to the lively plants or flowers in your house.

  • Mosaic Art Canvas

You can create something extraordinary and out of the world while decorating your own space with canvas art. Any art you put on a canvas to hang looks alluring. Think of your canvas art based on your entire space so you can balance it out with the overall look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mosaics in your canvas work, you can invite your friends or family and create an artwork altogether.

Mosaic Art Canvas

Have fun making art deco mosaics. Use this art style to showcase your style and personality to develop your home’s interior appearance in the right way that suits your needs.

You can read our previous article from https://artmasterclassmosaic.myshopify.com/blogs/news/different-types-of-mosaic-art.