Colour Therapy Pink

Colour Therapy Pink
The spring has sprung, with all its freshness and youth, bringing feelings of hope and vitality. Just like the sweet blush on a baby’s cheek, a blooming rose bud or gorgeous cherry blossoms. Yes, you have guessed it right! This week’s colour therapy is on pink! A delight of a colour, a soothing and tender realm of positive frequencies…  

Pink, although it is linked to femininity and physical weakness, is in fact vibrates on a very powerful and efficacious calming frequency. Pink is the end product of mixing red and white together. Red by itself is the most stimulating colour of passion, power and intensity. White, on the other hand, is a calming-neutralising colour of purity, completeness and blank slate. The physical passion, aggression and dynamism is toned down by the neutral white, bringing out the tender, soft, loving and nurturing pink.

Pink is associated with unconditional love, romance, nurturance, compassion, kindness, softness and femininity. The nurturing effect of pink touches to the motherly nature of unconditional love. Remind us of our need of giving and receiving care and nurture. Depending on how much of red or white it has in it, some shades of pink can be rather stimulating, but all in all it has a very calming effect.

Some studies have confirmed that being exposed to large amounts of ink creates a calming effect on nerves and causes an illusion of physical weakness. In some prisons, cell walls are painted a certain shade of pink, which is called ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ in order to calm prisoners, detach them from their aggression and violent tendencies, breaking them down psychologically in order to make them feel physically weaker then normal. Although, long exposure to this colour, interestingly enough, creates a very opposite effect, making the inmates even more restless and drive them to the edge of insanity.

Colour pink is intuitive and insightful, bringing out our tenderness and kindness with help of heightened senses of empathy and sensitivity. As it triggers our softer side and inspires the warm and comforting feelings, it raises the feeling of ‘hope’ a sense of ‘everything is OK’.

This beautiful colour also reassures our emotional energies, reducing the feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. It has a hugging and consolidating effect. People who are drawn obsessively to pink might carry within a need for acceptance, support and unconditional love, a search for tender embrace.

Pink is a non threatening colour, it is a really good colour to set a tone of friendliness, calmness and social safety. It also signifies good health.

When to Use Pink?

- To balance your heightened aggression.
- To trigger affectionate emotions.
- During pregnancy and while nursing
- After labour
- When you are around people you care about and that care about you, in order to have a deeper connection and compassion.
- If you want to attract romance in your life.
- If you are losing self confidence
- You can wear colour pink if you want to make an impression that is non-threatening.

When Not to Use Pink?

- In situations that you do not want to be seen as too soft, or need to assert power.
- If you are feeling emotionally and mentally weaker than normal.
- If you need more physical alertness.

You can use the pink colour as a healing tool to raise the feelings of connection, empathy, affection and manifest unconditional love. Also to heighten the feminine energy, decrease the aggression and balance your vibrations. This colour has a very soft aura which will help you to set foot in the emotional balance.

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