How To Make A Mosaic Table?

How To Make A Mosaic Table

Tables are one of the items we need most when eating, working, relaxing or generating new ideas. Both as a resting and working area, and as a place where we come together with others, tables are a very important part of the space we live in. Therefore, making a mosaic table can be a great idea, both in terms of reflecting your art on a useful item and beautifying a piece of furniture that you already use often.

If you have an old, outdated or boring table in your home, you already have the most important material needed to make a mosaic table. If you don't have this type of table that you can use to bring your new ideas to life, you can start by finding a simple one in the size you want.

Another decision you need to make is in which space you will use the mosaic table you will make. If you want to make a mosaic table to be used indoors, keep in mind that you need to act according to the design, dimensions and colors of the room where you will place the table. If you are going to place your table outdoors, for example on a terrace or a patio, make sure the table you will be working on is made of a weatherproof material.

If you are ready and have prepared the table on which you will make your mosaic art, you can easily make a mosaic table with the short guide we have compiled for you below.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

What Supplies Do You Need To Make A Mosaic Table?

You can create a work of art with extremely simple materials and an old table at your home. The materials you will need to make a mosaic table are low-cost and easily available materials that you can use in many other mosaic designs. You can make a perfect mosaic table with just five simple ingredients:

  1. Mosaic tiles
  2. A table
  3. A cement based adhesive
  4. Grout
  5. Sealer 

How To Make A Mosaic Table

What Tools Do You Need to Make a Mosaic Table?

You will need some tools to assist you as you work to make a mosaic table. Before you start creating your work of art, check the following shortlist and make sure you have the necessary tools:

  1. Container & implement for mixing adhesive
  2. Paint brush or palette knife for applying adhesive 
  3. Container for mixing grout, 
  4. Implement for mixing grout, 
  5. Container for water, 
  6. Sponge or cloth, 
  7. Hand or belt sander 
  8. Towel
  9. Gloves

How To Make A Mosaic Table

What Are The Steps You Need To Follow To Make A Mosaic Table?

Now that you have all the necessary materials and tools, you can get to work creating the mosaic table of your dreams. At this point, the most important thing you need to focus on is the table top. The top of the table is where you will make your mosaic art and where your work will be seen by others. You can follow the instructions to design your table top the way you want and create your mosaic table:

1. Prepare Your Mosaic Tiles 

To get enough mosaic pieces to cover the surface of your tabletop, stack the mosaic tiles on the floor, cover them with a towel, and knock them apart with a hammer. As an alternative to tile pieces, you can use ceramic pieces that you design yourself, stained glass, mirrors or stones. In fact, there are countless material alternatives you can use to attach it to your table. What you need to do to make a mosaic table is to decide which of these alternatives you prefer in your design and explore your creativity.

2. Decide How You Will Place Your Tiles On Your Table

Deciding in what order, in what shape and at what intervals to glue the pieces is the most crucial point of your design. Feel free to play around with the pieces until you get exactly the image you have in mind.

3. Sand Your Tabletop 

If your tabletop is wooden, sand your tabletop until you have a perfectly smooth surface. After sanding, wipe the table surface with a damp cloth and then dry it.

4. Paint The Surface Of Your Table

If necessary, apply several coats of paint and let dry overnight. If you are going to use the table outdoors, you may prefer to apply a protective and covering sealer over the paint.

5. Prepare Your Adhesive 

Place your tile pieces on the surface of the table in the shapes you want and stick them one by one. Be sure to arrange the pieces in the order you want, glue them securely, and not leave too much space between the pieces. After the sticking process is finished, wait overnight for the adhesive to dry.

6. Prepare Your Grout 

Apply grout with a brush on all tiles and between cracks. Clean excess grout from the tiles and allow the table to dry for twenty-four hours after grouting is complete.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

7. Wipe Your Dry Table With A Cloth Or Sponge

You can use dish soap to get rid of dust and excess grout. If you are going to use your table outdoors, you may need to apply a sealer to the dried surface at this stage. The sealer reduces the contact of your table with water outdoors and prevents the grout from softening and your artwork from becoming moldy.

Have you noticed how easy and fun it seems to make a mosaic table? Don't waste time making your own mosaic table. If you need more support, creative ideas and suggestions, we are always here as an Art Masterclass. Act now to create the designs you dream of.

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