How To Make Mosaic Art on Glass?

How To Make Mosaic Art on Glass

Traditional mosaic art can be made on many different surfaces such as stone, brick and glass. Making mosaic art on glass is one of the methods that attracts the most attention of beginners. With very easy techniques and few materials, you can make mosaic art on glass and get a wonderful masterpiece.  

Is the artist within you starting to get excited? So, check out the details below to make mosaic art on glass and let's get to work right away! 

Can I Mosaic Over Glass?

The most distinctive point of mosaic art is to stick small pieces of your design on different surfaces and plan the holistic image that these small pieces will create. Therefore, the quality, material and texture of the surface on which you will paste the pieces is one of the most important parts of your work.

That's why it's critical to decide which surface you're going to use before you start making your work and preparing the materials. If you like the smooth, cool and suitable structure of glass surfaces for many ideas, you should know that it is absolutely possible and simple to make mosaic art on glass. 


How To Make Mosaic Art on Glass

What Materials Are Used When Making Mosaic Art on Glass?

Once you have your design ready and decided to make mosaic art on glass, you need to acquire some basic materials to start creating your masterpiece, such as: 

-Picture frame 

-Clear glass from frame 

-3 or more different colors of stained glass 

-Glass cutter 


-A sponge 

-A cloth 

-Glass cleaner 

-Fabric paint 

In the home kits we prepare as Art Masterclass, we send you all the materials you will need ready. Thus, you can get rid of the trouble of searching for materials and start making your masterpiece as soon as possible. 


How To Make Mosaic Art on Glass

What Kind of Method Is Followed To Make Mosaic Art on Glass?

If your materials and workspace are ready, you can create your masterpiece by following our simple guide. We would like to remind you that we, as Art Masterclass, are always at your side for further assistance with all these processes and your designs.

In all our workshops, our team of professional trainers is ready to support you throughout the process. The directions you can use while making mosaic art on glass are as follows: 

  1. Remove the clear glass surface from the frame. Start by grouping the stained glass pieces by color.
  2. After categorizing the colored glasses according to the design in your mind, the most crucial stage of making mosaic art on glass begins, the gluing part. When sticking the cut stained glass pieces on the transparent glass, you should take care to make the distance of the pieces, their positions and the harmony of the color groups exactly according to your design.
  3. After gluing, keep your artwork in a safe place for 24 hours to dry.
  4. Pour grout on your dried work and clean the excess with a sponge, cloth and glass cleaner.
  5. If you think it will suit your design, you can decorate the edges of your work by coloring it with fabric paint.
How To Make Mosaic Art on Glass

What Is the Best Glue for Glass Mosaics?

Two points to consider when sticking your mosaic tiles on glass are that the glass surface should be as clean as possible before sticking, and that the adhesive you will use is a transparent adhesive that will not spoil the image. For this purpose, you can clean the glass plate with ethyl alcohol before making mosaic art on glass.

Among the transparent adhesives, Weldbond branded transparent glue and transparent silicone are the most useful and powerful ones for attaching your tiles to the glass surface. Thanks to these two adhesives, you can put together the pieces of your masterpiece without disturbing the smooth appearance of the glass. 

Now that you have all the basics needed to make mosaic art on glass, you are ready to turn your designs into reality. We look forward to creating your masterpieces with you in our Art Masterclass workshops. Let's put your doubts aside and give it a burl! 

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